Amos Jr. Webster perhaps was also referred to as ISRAEL (source: son John Nelson’s death record in MI.). Also, some records
maintain Amos “came from York” (New York). Only undocumented family legend establishes the nativity of Vermont. There is a
county in New York founded in 1630, part of the Van Rensselaer holdings (see Dutch West Indies Company) formally named in 1791
for Kilaen van Renssalaer. A Chauncey Webster moved from New York, eventually relocating to IL. He appeared to be guardian of a
young man named Rensselaer.

We have validated census reports that indicate the Webster brothers Chauncey, Alvah, and Amos traveled together as far as Indiana.
We located a descendant of Chauncey who informed us that Chauncey travelled from the Niagara Falls area of New York and finally
settled in Illinois. He disappeared about the same time Amos died, when Chauncey's children were put into guardianship. There is
mystery surrounding the disappearance of Chaucey. (His mill was burned a short while before his unexplained disappearance, and he
sued the West brothers for damming Sugar Creek two miles above his mill just before he disappeared). This info gives credence to
Amos' migration from New York.

An Amos G. Webster was a musician in the War of 1812. We found his roll call number and unit. Problem: Amos Gillette Webster (a
different man who travelled a very similar path) is a recognized 1812 veteran of New York. Perhaps someone mis-attributed the
military service to our Amos. In any case, we found evidence that Amos Webster deserted the military in 1813.

In 1830, Amos lived in Fountain County, Indiana with his wife and children Isaac, John Nelson, Sarah and Mary. He was a school
teacher. He died in 1847 -- the family thought he died in a town that no longer exists in Fulton County, IL. There was no record of
him, but we did platte map analysis and figured out the cemetery most likely within a day's horseback ride. We then documented and
photographed an "A. Webster" grave in Freeman Cemetery, Fulton County that matches his age to his birth and death dates. Buried
beside him are sons J. Webster (Joseph) and C. Webster (Chauncey).

By 1850, the widowed Suzanna lived with second husband, Abraham Vail, in Farmers, Fulton Co., IL with his children and her
children (Brinton, Maria, Loucinda, and Marietta). The couple later  divorceed. In 1860, Susannah lived with her daughter Susan
(Snyder) in Linn, Warren Co., IA. In 1880 she lived in LaHarpe, Hancock Co, IL, with daughter Mary (Lock). Five years later, in
1885, we found her in Woodbine City, Harrison Co., IA, in the home of her daughter Nancy Maria (Surber).

We have some indications that at least Susanna may have been raised in the Quaker faith.
Susannah Wright Webster is believed to have been
about 90 years of age in this photograph. The
photographers used a long exposure for portraits.
There is no known photo of Amos Webster, Jr.
Nancy "Maria"
Webster Surber,
wrote of passing Des
Moines, Iowa as a girl
in a covered wagon
when it was "just a
small forte." After her
father's death, she
lived in her brother
Isaac's home and
traveled with him for a
time before marrying
in McDonough Co.,
We would like to acknowledge
the assistance & contributions
of our research associates:

June B. Pearce, Calgary, CANADA
Teresa Barnett, Oregon
Marilyn Saunders, Michigan
Connie Lautenbach, Arizona

Thank you, ladies.
Sample Descendant Report:
Amos Webster, Jr. & Susannah Wright
1. ISAAC SHUART WEBSTER, b. Nov 15, 1825, Butler Co., OH; d. Dec
11, 1897, Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL. He married CYNTHIA ANN WILLIAMS
Dec 07, 1845 in Mason County, Illinois, daughter of REV. JEREMIAH S.
Ohio, and died Feb 10, 1895 in Augusta, Hancock Co. IL.
BRINTON WEBSTER, b. Abt. 1832, Indiana.  Brinton Webster was a
gifted fiddler. We have a very old photo of him playing one.
SARAH JANE WEBSTER, b. Dec 1827, OH; d. Aft. 1900, (Likely)
first-edition dictionary from Noah Webster, which burned in "The Dayton
MARY "ELIZABETH" WEBSTER, b. Feb 15, 1830, Cass Co., MI; d.
Aft. 1900, LaHarpe, Hancock Co., IL.
SUSAN "LUCINDA" WEBSTER, b. 1840, IL; d. Bef. 1875, (Likely)
Linn, Warren Co., IA.
CHAUNCEY WEBSTER, b. March 23, 1818, d. May 26, 1849; m.
MARY E. CROSS, Dec 03, 1846, Fulton Co., IL; b. 1827.
ALVAH B. WEBSTER, b. 1836, IN.
.JOHN "NELSON" WEBSTER, b. Sep 1823, Butler Co., OH; d. May
1905, Daily, MI. John Nelson Webster died in his sleep at home, according to
a newspaper (
Cass Co. Daily) at age 80, a day after plowing. When we
checked John's death record -- a handwritten ledger kept at Cassopolis, MI --
we found the mother listed as Susannah Wright, father as
Israel Webster. We
have documented his wives names (sisters) and have cemetery photos.
JOSEPH B. WEBSTER was a cooper (barrel maker) who died of
consumption. He is often mistaken for Joseph B. Webster, son of Amos
Webster who was famous for his fiddle playing, and considered a Father of
American Church Music. This is a different Joseph, though they are of the
same era and area.
MARIETTA WEBSTER, b. 1842, IL; d. Aft. 1918.
NANCY "MARIA" WEBSTER, b. Apr 09, 1834, Fountain Co.,
Indiana; d. Jul 16, 1916, Daughter's home; Logan, Harrison Co., IA.
We traveled to Fulton County, Illinois to identify and claim the family grave sites and to document the remote Freeman Cemetery. The three Webster
graves (Amos and sons Chauncey and Joseph) are the only ones which face
backwards from the rest!
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